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Music and lyrics by Big Time


Baghuset 1990.03.17

Ballerup Denmark Set liste

Pumpehuset 1990 october

Copenhagen Denmark Set list

  1. Intro (noise-overkill)

1.      Intro (Arnold S. goes berserk)

  1. Hungry for love

2.      Hungry for love

  1. Fool for your love

3.      Tears not enough

  1. Dancing on the edge

4.      Fool for your love

  1. You and me

5.      He did it for love

  1. Jalousie in mind

6.      You and me

  1. The devil inside

7.      Girls like it big

  1. Love is a game

8.      She is dangerous

  1. Blindfolded

9.      Waste no time

  1. You are the one

10.   Only the strong survive

  1. Children calling


  1. Big Time


  1. Nightmare



Private takes from Studio at Roskildevej and in the basement in Frederik’s room, at his parents in Ballerup.


Big Times plays, adores and would like to thank:

Tama Drums, Trace Elliot, Status Bass, Shure Mic, Kitty Hawk, Kramer, Roland Guitar Synt, Roland Rack Chorus, Seymour Duncan, Music Man 112 Amps, Loads of Marshalls, spray paint from Føtex, spandex company for Rene’s trousers, Mercedes transport, Jays, Amazon, Poseidon, Alien Force, Jane Doe, Erling the Panther, friends and family who made this adventure possible, And not at least you, who do listen and bang your head!     …and the next number is? And don’t forget “girls like it big”.

DVD released January 2010 PRS Production Management

®Koda 1990